Madame Bonicel, Saint Bonnet du Gard  2014                                                                            Project: Building of out house                                                                                                 Comments:                                                                                                                              Martin built a sizable out house adjacent to my house.  I’m very happy with the finished work.  Would reccommend as builder without hesitation.

Monsieur and Madame Titaut, Montpezat  2013                                                                        Project: Construction of architect design house of 507sq feet.                                  Comments:                                                                                                                             Reliable and honest builder who has overseen the building of our new home from the foundations and walls to the roof and windows.  The project was well managed and with a colleague builder taking care of the electrics and plumbing with Martin.

Mr Raymond Millar, Garrigues  2012
Project: Traditional concrete pool, stone walling and general ground prep.
I’m very happy with the finished pool and stone walls.  The project was Well managed, given that we live abroad and Martin had to use his initiative and make decisions for us.  We have had a resin finish on the pool which is really comfortable and resists the Mediterranean climate – would recommend as builder.

Madame Isaline, Nimes  2011
Project: House extension including walls, roof and insulation, around 50sq feet.
A trustworthy builder, I’m very happy in my new extension which Martin built from the foundations up.  Given the difficult access in the centre of Nimes, Martin took care of all the administrative work and permits.

Mr Stephen Gray, Sommieres  2009/10
Project: Diverse renovations of large water mill, some six months work.
Martin carried out many jobs at the Mill which is now rented as a Gite. We are pleased with the work and how this sizable project was managed. Working on such an old building is often quite a challenge, but we have not had any issues with his work during the years following the renovation. Would recommend as builder.

Mr Selwyn Aldred, Calvisson  2008
Project: Full village house renovation, around six months work.
A good renovation job.