About me


I’m a general builder working as a professional Artisan since 2006.   Moving to France in 1997, I’ve worked for a number of established building companies and local small traders.  In 2005 I passed the French building certificates (CAP & BEP) in Nimes.  Learning Mediterranean building methods and french building regulations (the DTU, or Documents Techniques Unifiés) has been a real advantage given the differences between Northern European and Mediterranean building techniques.

Situated in the small village of Saint Bonnet between Nimes, Avignon and Uzes, in the Languedoc region of southern France, I work within a range of around 150 km covering, le Gard, le Vaucluse and l’Hérault.

I live with my French wife and our daughter in Saint Bonnet.


  • General masonry, walls, floors, concreting
  • Roofing (typically, Mediterranean styles)
  • Rendering (facade and smaller works)
  • Swimming Pools (from A to Z including digger work and plumbing)
  • Ground works, digging, trenches, foundations
  • Plaster-boarding and insulation
  • Fencing and walls
  • Small tiled areas (typically around pools or small rooms)
  • Bathrooms and domestic plumbing
  • Some other odds and ends, just ask for details.